Chief Proctor's Message



Dr. Rakhi Mishra

Dear Students,

I welcome you to Upadhi Mahavidyalaya with warm wishes. As you are a member of this prestigious institution, and on the last step of academic learning, you are expected to be a sensible student.

As a chief proctor, my duty is to maintain discipline in the college, but it will not be achieved without your cooperation. Discipline plays vital role in the life of a person and is the key to a successful life. At Upadhi Mahavidyalaya, we practice discipline in all the domains and expect the same from the students.

Dear students, if you look at the life of all successful personalities you will find that they remained in discipline throughout their lives. We also want our students to achieve success in their lives.

Discipline is the training of mind and by discipline we are not meant that you become a robot, rather college encourage the students to take part in the academic as well as extracurricular activities of the college, at the same you are expected to spend quality time with your friends, interact with teachers, go to library and equip yourself with knowledge and do whatever you want but remember that you are a student and have certain limits. You are expected not to cross the limits, maintain the decorum and be in discipline.

Maybe you find some kind of restrictions in college. Those restrictions are not shackles in the legs of the students rather it teaches them how to be in limits, what to do and what not to do, and how to do anything. And that is discipline. This discipline that you are going to practice in college life will become your habit, and habits play significant role in giving shape to the future.

I wish all the students a very bright future.