DSW's Message



Dr.Vipin Kumar Neeraj

On behalf of the college, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the students to the Upadhi Mahavidyalaya. I have confidence that it will be an inspiring, challenging and enjoyable journey for you. From humble beginnings from the year 1964 the college has emerged as one of region’s distinguished Higher Education Institutions, occupying a crucial place in the emergence and preservation of both cultural and intellectual heritage.

Each year we welcome thousands of students to our college. I am glad to welcome all the new students to the college and I convey my best wishes to them to unlock and realize their full potential. I strongly believe that the students will make the best use of the opportunities to become competent professionals, entrepreneurs and above all, great human beings and responsible citizens.

At Upadhi Mahavidyalaya, we emphasize that students should show consideration and respect for their teachers, seniors, peers and others in the college as well as community. They should always keep in mind that they are the representatives of the college and the community. Students are reminded that they live as part of a community that includes other people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Our college has a long tradition of imparting knowledge to students from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds. Wherever they have come from, our students have made a difference in transforming the fields of human endeavour, and we want to make sure that your years at Upadhi Mahavidyalaya will be as successful and productive as those who have come before you.

Keeping that goal in mind, we would like to share the Student Code, which outline the rights and responsibilities of students in activities at the college. The Code likewise sets the standards of civility and its expectations for responsible behavior expected from the students. Upadhi Mahavidyalaya stands for the dignity of all peoples and respect for their ideals and beliefs. The college believes that the progress of nation lies in the brotherhood and unity amongst sections of the society. As a student you are expected to show respect to the teachers, peers, seniors, and juniors who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

We hope that you will respond to the important challenges and opportunities that are characteristic of being a responsible citizen.