Executive Director's




“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”

-        A. L. Tennyson


I am thankful to the Management for trusting me for the role of Executive Director and I promise that I shall try my best to maintain the trust. As an executive director, I would like to say that I am committed to go beyond the limits in bringing out the best from each and every resource which is available in the college. I consider myself as the one who has the responsibility to coordinate with everyone who is striving for excellence and the one who is trying to give the new heights to the college.

Keeping in view the complications in implementing and executing different schemes and ideas, as an executive director my aim is to make the process easy and to cut short the different channels due to which things take time.

I am here to work as a connector between the management and the staff, and to cut short the distance, hence giving velocity to the process of development.

I am confident enough that from today onwards, the college would reach new heights, and many schemes which were left in between or not been completed, I would give them the push that it requires.

I am bound to work for the college by using the innovative ideas which comes to me from the team members. I will not let the good ideas to go into garbage bin.

I would like to assure all the faculty, staff and students of the college to come to me with their ideas for the betterment of the college. I shall try my best to use the innovative ideas by not letting it go waste.

Let’s make a better college, better future, better India.

Thank you


Dr Vinay Kumar Garg

Executive Director